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In recent years, Juanito Conte has developed a body of work recognizable for its use of color and the development of a pictorial language informed by printing techniques inherited from graphic arts. These references are evident in the vibrant colors, halftone patterns, gradients, and hard edges, alongside the fluorescent day-glo elements.

His investigation seeks to examine the structures that emerge from this language and propose perception as a conscious phenomenon. Attention: Perception requires participation, as Catalan artist Antoni Muntadas reminded us at the beginning of the century. In his paintings, Conte draws with color on canvas using various technical processes. He prints, overprints, etches, masks, and covers surfaces with paint applied with different-shaped rollers to emphasize reflections and generate surface textures.

This inventive and laborious process exemplifies his interest in amplifying and composing visual structures. It is the details, the encounters and disconnections, that lead to discoveries and transform them into larger open-ended questions, in an attempt to transform art into speculation or proposition.


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